DIP Classic Red with Sparkles set includes all the necessary products to create beautiful red nails with some glitter accent

DIP Classic Red with Sparkles includes:

  • DIP Base
  • DIP Activator
  • DIP Top
  • DIP Brush Softener
  • DIP Powder #010 - "Chili"
  • DIP Powder #019 –  "Glitter Glam”

    DIP Base is the first step in the DIP System. It allows the DIP powder to adhere to the area on which it is applied, and it helps maintain long-lasting wear. It is used before dipping in DIP powder.

    DIP Activator is the second step in the DIP System. It is a nail adhesive dryer that helps to speed the drying process by increasing the polymerization rate. It ensures that the DIP Powder hardens. 

    DIP Top is the third step in the DIP System. It provides extra strength and support to the finished application, as well as perfect clarity and a high-gloss shine. Apply a thin layer of Top Coat on each nail and allow them to dry. No UV/LED lamp is needed.

    DIP Brush Softener is a brush cleaner: a solvent used for quick and easy removal of product buildup. If your brush hardens during application of the Base or Top, place the hardened brush in the Brush Restorer and close tightly. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes and then allow the brush to air dry.

    DIP Powder #010 – Classical red DIP powder color named “Chili”

    DIP Powder #019 – Classical red DIP powder color named “Glitter Glam”

    The Helios’ DIP SYSTEM provides wear time of up to three weeks and soaks off easily. Lightweight and flexible Helios dip powder manicures are finished in half the time it takes to complete a standard acrylic manicure!

    Item Code: HSET027

    * Due to screen differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online.

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