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Hand, Facial expression, Poster, Eyelash, Happy, Lipstick, Gesture, Publication, Font, Black hair

500 Points



1000 Points



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Nose, Cheek, Hand, Hairstyle, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Happy, Lipstick, Temple, Orange

Helios Rewards Program

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Create an account get 500 Points

Share on Facebook 300 Points

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Follow on Instagram 300 Points


Earn Points on every $1 you spend


Receive 300 Points on your Birthday

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Helios Rewards Program

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping Coupon 500 points

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$5 OFF Coupon 500 Points 

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500 Points

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Frequently Asked

Hair, Skin, Lip, Hand, Hairstyle, Eyelash, Happy, Pink, Gesture, Finger
  • What are Helios Rewards?

Helios Rewards is a free rewards program that lets you earn points on all your product purchases, social shares and friend referrals and then redeem rewards.

  • Ways to Earn

There are many ways to earn points! Simply by joining, after that points can be earned by purchasing products, sharing and liking Helios on Facebook, following us on Instagram, referring friends, and as a bonus, Helios gives birthday points too!

  • Ways to Redeem

Log into your Helios Rewards account and shop! Navigate to the Rewards panel at the bottom left of our website. Once you have enough points you can go to redeem options and simply select from the options.