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Helios Nail file set includes all 7 Helios professional-use nail files. They are washable and sanitizable.

Helios Nail file set includes:

  • Aphrodite Nail File
  • Hypnos Nail File
  • NYX Nail File
  • Hera Nail File
  • Athena Nail File
  • Apollo Nail File
  • Zeus Shiner

Aphrodite nail file 180/180 grit. For natural nails. Washable, sanitizable.

Hypnos nail file 120/180 grit. For all types of nail extensions. Japanese abrasive.

Nyx nail file 150/180 grit. For lower arch and pedicures. Thin emery board.

Hera nail file 100/100 grit. For acrylic extensions. Washable, sanitizable.

Athena nail file 150/150 grit. For gel and acrylic extensions. Washable, sanitizable.

Apollo nail file 100/180 grit. For all types of nail extensions. Sponge file.

Zeus shiner. For acrylic and natural nails. Buffing block.


Item Code: HSET021

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