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New Helios Nail Line Offers Luxury at an Affordable Price

19 Feb 2022 0 Comments

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A new professional nail brand based in New York, Helios meets the needs of nail techs and their clients — and does it with style.

Taking its name from the Greek god of the sun, Helios is determined to let nail techs shine, launching with a full range of professional nail products that incorporate scientific research, innovation, and quality ingredients. Thematic touches of yellow and gold brighten much of the brand’s packaging.

“With an emphasis on clean lines and high-tech formulas, Helios represents a high-end fusion of science and style,” says Diana Bernikova, Pretty Woman’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Salon clients have their choice of 107 colors from Helios’ Aura Gel Polish line. These highly pigmented shades provide perfect coverage, along with high gloss, durability, and easy removal. A three-step system, Aura can be cured under either a UV or LED lamp.

Aura Base Coat protects while delivering good adhesion and wear time for any type of nail. Three top coat options are available:

  • Aura Top Coat: Provides superior shine and enhances color by giving it a crisp, vivid look.
  • Aura Matte Top Coat: Creates an elegant, soft-touch, matte effect on any gel polish, with no sticky residue to clean off.
  • Aura Top Coat GO!: Seals gel polish under a tack-free, super glossy layer.

Helios also offers Luminor, a long-lasting “smart” polish that cures in natural light, in the same 107 vibrant, fashion-forward shades.

Designed with a nail tech’s comfort in mind, the caps on the company’s polish bottles feature an ergonomic design that makes application easier.

Fit Tech Nail Polish is a pigmented nail treatment that uses Far Infrared Therapy (FIT) to build stronger, healthier natural nails. As a bonus, it dries faster and wears longer than traditional polish.

Additionally, the Helios line includes Spectrum low-odor acrylics, the Powder Cloud dip system, the Double Helix gel/acrylic hybrid, washable and sanitizable nail files, and fragrant hand and body lotions in striking, bird-themed packaging.

Helios’ full slate of natural nail care products — base coats, top coats, cuticle oils, and hardeners — are formulated to address clients’ individual needs and help maintain healthy nails.

We’re giving away a Helios Luxury Gift Set that includes:

*10 Luminor nail polishes
*Luminor Top Coat
*10 Aura gel polishes
*Aura Base Coat, Aura Top Coat, Aura Top Coat GO!
*2 Helios Hand & Body lotions
*Nail files set
*10 Helios Nail Care products
*Helios LED lamp

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